What Is Life?

What is life? The world believes it is the sum of experiences in the physical world, the expression of feelings, thoughts and convictions, a series of events triggered by decisions and actions. But this definition of life is dependent on man’s ability to create these experiences, limited by time and space. Natural man (man without God) is limited to what he is able to accomplish with his own abilities, wealth, opportunity, and relationships. He is limited by time – the excitement fades, the glory dims, the comfort wanes in time. And if he is to revive and relive the thrill, he must do it once again, or do something new. He is a prisoner of the law of diminishing returns.

Not so with the life of God. His life is a spiritual force that is dynamic in nature. It is not dependent on time or circumstance because it is eternal – eternal life. It exists because it exists; just as God describes Himself “I am that I am”, so His life is that it is. His life is always new, always fresh, always thrilling. It never grows tired, never grows weary, just as He never grows tired or weary. His life is not dependent on natural circumstances or natural abilities to create happiness. His life IS righteousness, joy and peace. A natural life cannot truly satisfy because it cannot bring life to the spirit of a man. But God’s life is spiritual and meets the deepest need of man. And once that spiritual need has been met with His life, all other needs are secondary and are met by the outflow of that very same spiritual life. And we have this spiritual life in Jesus Christ.

Jesus said “he who has the Son has life”. In Jesus, my joy is not dependent on what I do or don’t do, what I have or don’t have, what I like or don’t like, who I know or don’t know. I have joy because I have Him. As Paul said in Philippians “I have learned the secret of being content in whatever circumstance i am in…I can do all things through Him Who strengthens me.”