Circumcision of the Heart

It is truly a miracle when the Spirit of the Living God performs a work within the heart. He uncovers the pattern of the world and of sin in the way we think and feel. He exposes our blind spots, the areas of our lives that we couldn’t see for ourselves. And He graciously reminds us of how this old pattern, this sinful, weak and condemned way has been circumcised, cut away by the Spirit of Jesus.

It is a deep reminder at the core of our consciousness that we have been brought into a new and living way. It is a mark within us that both symbolizes and actualizes the covenant of the regenerative life of Jesus within us. It is the Spirit of God operating and cutting away that which is dead in order that which is alive may grow and bloom within our hearts – to where the flame of God burns bright within our souls, His nature shines brilliantly in our face, His light pours forth from our eyes and mouths and our hands perform His works in the Name of Jesus!

Col 2:12-13
John 15
Hebrews 4:12